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Our building reports are completed the same day and will be released as soon as the payment is confirmed. (If the inspection is completed after 4 PM the property report will be completed the following day. This gives the inspector time to get back to the office and complete the report in normal working hours) As the Timber Pest Inspection reports are supplied by third party Specialist Professional Timber Pest Inspectors, whilst we strive for same service, we do not guarantee the same day service for Timber Pest Reports.

No! A Property Inspection is an inspection to identify visual defects and confirm the condition of the property. The home inspector does not pass or fail the property. Although the property may sometimes fail the expectations of the buyer.

There are many you can include. We recommend you include several contingencies as a minimum. These are, Finance, Building Inspection, and Timber Pest Inspection (if you’re in a termite prone area) and another common one is “Subject to the sale of your own home within a specified timeframe.

Some less common and more specific contingencies include, Electrical Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, Asbestos Inspection, Mechanical Services, Drainage Inspection, Appliances Inspection, Structural Engineer Inspection, Geotechnical Inspection, Swimming Pool Inspection, Alarm/Data System/Intercom Inspection, Mould Inspection, Council Plan Inspection, Building Code Inspection, Property Check Survey, Environmental Hazards Inspection.

Two absolutely crucial things you must do when considering any contingency.

  • Always, Always get your legal representative to draft the exact wording for you.
  • Ensure enough time is allowed for, not just to get the inspections completed but also to ensure you will have enough time to obtain your own quotes and / or advice before the time runs out. (also ensure Public Holidays and weekends are not included in the days allotted).



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